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That’s what friends are for…

Now that the back to school season is in full swing, take some time to reconnect with your kids. New changes can be a scary time, it is up to us as the adults to help ease the transition period.

If your child is shy or has struggled with making friends in the past, consider organizing play dates or activities. You might even ask another parent to meet you at a local play place. For some kids, socializing can be easier in one-on-one situations, and the greatest potential benefit is the creation of a shared experience that the two children can then build on at school. Choosing activities that your child finds fun will most likely create new friendship opportunities, as there is already a shared interest between the participants.

You can help even further by talking about a list of “friend qualities” with your child. When we can help children understand the importance of qualities like being friendly, honest, and kind, they will begin to learn how to place others’ needs ahead of their own. Once your child understands what sort of qualities make a good friend, they will start to seek out friends with those qualities.

Remember, they may not share a classroom with their bestie, but outside activities after school are a great place to have a “non-school” buddy with similar interests.

If you're interested in trying a tumbling or ninja kidz class, please sign up for a TRIAL CLASS HERE or feel free to give us a call! 609-756-4700.

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