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Teachers Loved It!

I recently presented my Jump Into Joy Workshop to teachers at the Ed Camp In-service in Stafford Township. Jump Into Joy is an interactive program designed to teach girls how to use positive mindset tools such as How to Choose Joy, Journal Writing, Visualization, & Affirmations to stay positive, confident and self-aware. At the conclusion of the presentation, I surveyed the teachers to determine if they felt this program would be beneficial in their classroom. The graph above shows the results.

I had an incredible experience presenting the Jump Into Joy Workshop to a group of teachers. Personally, it was a huge honor to be asked to facilitate my workshop as part of their program. I hadn’t presented it to this large of an audience before and it was quite an accomplishment for me! I had such incredible participation and involvement from everyone. We had great conversation as we explored the various topics listed in the above graph. We all had a blast as they played Gratitude games, answered Journal prompts, and played Positive Mindset Bingo!

The feedback I received was amazing! They agreed that there is a need to introduce positive mindset tools to increase self-esteem and confidence in young girls. Teaching girls how to handle Social Media comparison traps was also determined to be of high value. We discussed the overwhelming importance for increased focus on happiness and joy as well. One of the exercises we do is to name words and physical feelings associated with opposing emotions, happiness and sadness/anger. We noticed as a group that it seemed much easier to elicit responses regarding negative emotions. Even as adults, we appear to be more in-tune with our negative experiences such as stress, sadness, and frustration than we are to our own happiness. We need to change that in our youth…NOW!

As I prepared for my presentation, I observed that we currently have many programs in our school system to address problems that our youth are facing such as bullying, anxiety and depression. What I hope is that if we can teach students how to feel empowered, stay positive and true to themselves, we will decrease the need for these programs. If we have schools full of confident students who are thriving and excited about building each other up, would it be safe to assume we would have less bullying and anxiety?

You are so fortunate to have this offered in your town as an extra-curricular Club at Kidzone! Don’t take my word for it, bring your child for a FREE TRIAL!

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