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I'll Tumble For You....

I’ll tumble for you….

Here at KZ, we don’t want to just be a “source of fun”, we also want to be a major positive influence in your child’s future!

Studies have shown that tumbling/gymnastics allows children to build their flexibility, increase muscle tone, and improve posture. Children are supposed to have approximately 60 minutes of exercise per day to stay healthy and strong, and tumbling is a great way for children to get that required activity. That’s why millions of parents have decided to get their children involved in tumbling. But what about the non-physical benefits? Tumbling can benefit your child in many ways in their lives, including:

Academic Achievement

Physical activity does more than build strong bodies — it builds strong minds. Tumbling requires a great deal of focus, discipline, and body awareness. Through tumbling children will find the concentration, focus, and discipline needed to succeed and excel in academic areas.

Social Happiness

Young children will learn valuable social skills at their tumbling classes like listening, following directions, taking turns and be respectful to each other. Children of all ages will also learn to motivate one another and compete in a team atmosphere. Kids in tumbling classes learn to perform in front of others without anxiety and build trusting, respectful relationships with their coaches and teammates. When children are part of a tumbling team, they must show good sportsmanship, being kind and respectful even when stakes are high. This translates to positive social skills outside the gym, giving children the skills to be positive and cooperative adults.


From mastering beginner tumbling to accomplishing your first successes in intermediate tumbling, Tumbling helps to build a sense of accomplishment and feelings of positivity from overcoming obstacles. The more a child achieves, the more they will begin to feel a sense of self-confidence, and an ability to understand that anything is possible if you work hard enough. In fact, the more time children between the ages of 10 and 16 spend doing physical activity, the higher a child’s self-esteem will be.

Character Building

Tumbling lessons promote discipline, determination, courage and self-confidence, and kids will benefit from learning from their mistakes. Children persevere, even when they fall or need help to complete a skill. Self-esteem builds character, and those who attend classes with others will understand fairness and trust. Setting goals will become natural, and children will learn to dream big outside of the gym, as well. Children who are physically active or involved in sports are less likely to make bad choices when it comes to behaviors involving alcohol, drugs and smoking.

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