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My Journey to starting Jump Into Joy Experience

I would like to tell you a some of my journey that led me to developing my Girl Empowerment Workshop!

I was first introduced to mindset tools and the idea of living an intentional life many years ago by my father, first reading The Secret and starting my own self-discovery journey. As I became immersed in my growing family & business I didn’t focus on these tools as much as I wanted to. About 2 years ago I read #Girlwashyourface by Rachel Hollis and was introduced to the world of #selfdiscovery once again. I started listening to audio books (#InfinitePossibilities by Mike Dooley was key for me at this point) and podcasts and became somewhat obsessive in educating myself on the concepts like the #LawofAttraction, #Visualization, #PositiveMindset and #Meditation. My sister who runs a yoga business was also a big influence on my exploration of these topics. I started journaling again, including a #VisionJournal where I glued some magazine pics of things I wanted to create in my life in the journal.

It was crazy to me that when I pulled out an old journal (because I figured I might as well use one of the many half-filled journals in my drawer instead of going out and buying a new one right away!) and discovered many of the same goal pictures in there! Specifically there was a picture of a log cabin very similar to one I had just cut out and glued in my new journal! I didn’t even remember doing that about 10 years prior! I wish the punchline was that I now have a huge log cabin built but I am back at the project and know it will come to fruition sooner than later!

Another recent experience I had was visualizing and manifesting a new car. I really had it in my mind that I wanted a red Infinity. It was just a type of car I always wanted. So I cut out a picture of my red infinity and glued it in my journal. It is suggested to not only cut out pics and write your goals, but to try to experience them like test driving your dream car. So I did. Well the Infinity only comes in red in the top-of-the-line model. And I needed to be somewhat realistic and stay within reason in terms of my current situation. So I also started test driving other cars to see if I really HAD TO HAVE THE INFINITY. So as a good salesman would, my Causeway sales guy would periodically send me videos and texts of cars he thought I might like. I kind of put things on hold for a month or so, I didn’t really NEED a new car, I was just feeling like it was time and I really wanted one! Do you know, he ends up sending me a video of a car, a Nissan Altima that looked exactly like the car in my vision journal?! It was pre-owned and in my current price range and nearly new condition! And I bought it!

At this point I have concluded that if I keep my mindset clear of negative clutter, I have a better chance of creating the life I want for myself. The tools I use nearly every day are:

· Journaling daily gratitude’s

· Writing my big dreams and immediate goals out in present tense

· Quieting and clearing my mind through meditation

The way the workshop came to be was by a chance meeting with my now co-writer, Skye, who contacted me to discuss working at Kidzone. A past employee and friend who I had recently reconnected with referred her (quite synchronous because I had decided to open myself up to new experiences which included joining the Chamber of Commerce which is where we reconnected). I could have easily replied to Skye’s email and said a tumbling gym really isn’t the place for her since her background was psychology and she had no tumble coaching experience. But I said YES, LET’S MEET! As our conversation evolved over coffee at Target Starbucks, we started to form the concept of the Girl Empowerment workshop.

My hope now for Jump Into Joy Experience™ is that we can begin to introduce #mindsettools to these young women to add to their foundation for a life that is more positive & peaceful and will inspire them to truly believe they can reach the goals they set for their lives as they grow.

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